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What’s the ECO setting on your boiler? And other tips on how to save money in winter

What’s the ECO setting on your boiler? And other tips on how to save money in winter….So, you’ve just got a new boiler installed by a local boiler engineer and you want to make sure you’re using it in a sustainable way. You’ve noticed it has an ECO setting – but what does this mean exactly?

And how else do you save money this Winter?

Opening an eye to energy usage

It doesn’t take much to save energy.

Just doing a few simple things each day can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you a little money too.

So, back to that boiler…

What exactly does the ECO setting do and how can it help you when you’re wondering how to save money in winter?

The button is most often found on a combi boiler (combination boiler) – these are the types of boilers that perform the heating of water and also the heating for your home.

When you turn on a hot water tap, unsurprisingly, hot water comes out. This is because the boiler pre-heats the water so that you get instant heat.

How does the ECO setting work?

When you turn the ECO setting on, your boiler stops doing this and doesn’t pre-heat the water anymore. Consequently, it takes around ten seconds for the water to become hot, although this depends on what house this is in.

When you think about it, it’s hard to justify having hot water available in an instant all the time, so just push that ECO button and wait a few seconds for the water to heat up – at least you can think of the energy you’re saving whilst you wait.

If you’re asking yourself how to save money on heating, this is a very easy way to do so, and it will also save the planet a little. But what if you want to go further than pushing a button this year?

Here are some more ideas for how to save money in winter.

How to save money on heating

One way to save money in winter is to adjust your thermostat or central heating. You can set most thermostats to come on a certain temperature; simply set this temperature to be lower, and your boiler will only switch on when it gets really cold.

Another setting most newer thermostats have is the ability to automatically switch on at set times, i.e. when you’re just getting up in the morning, or when you get home from work.

This means that you’re only using energy when you really need it, saving you a good deal of money and saving you from having to remember when to turn the heating off.

Alternatively, the easiest way to save energy, of course, is to simply turn down (or turn off) the heating and just wear more layers around the house.

Take showers instead of baths

There may be nothing like getting into a hot bath at the end of the day, but what may not be so relaxing is thinking about how much water they use.

Showers are a much better way to wash as they use much less water and less overall energy – just don’t spend hours in there singing!

Use the 15-minute rule

The 15-minute rule is a great way to save power and it applies to lights. It basically states that if you’re leaving a room for more than 15 minutes, you need to switch the lights off, but if you’re going to return within that time, you can leave the lights on.

This rule means you can be sure that you’re saving as much electricity as is convenient. The other thing to consider is replacing your old incandescent bulbs with much more efficient and long-lasting LED lights.

In conclusion

So, as you can see, it’s easier than you may think to save some money this Winter and save the planet a little whilst you do so! From the simple push of a button on your boiler to switching your lights off, the simplest of things can help save energy.

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Updated: November 22, 2019 — 10:07 am

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