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Soil Testing Kits: Should You Use Them?

Soil Testing Kits: Should You Use Them?….If you want to enjoy higher crop yields, it is important to ensure they have the right nutrients and environment for growth. The only way of determining this is by testing your soil, and you can use soil testing kits. This post is a closer look at soil testing kits to help you answer the main question, “What are the main benefits of using them?”.

They are Easy-to-Use Home Remedies for Testing Soil

Soil testing kits are used to measure different soil characteristics, such as pH and nutrients, to help you make the right decisions on fertility management. For example, you can be able to determine if the soil in your farm is too acidic for the plants and determine the fertilizer that can lower it for maximum yields.

Because soil testing kits are home remedies, they are pretty easy to use. All that you need to do is collecting the samples and following instructions to test your soil. Most farmers also find it a good way to get a better connection with their farms.

A Cheaper Way to Test Soil at Home

If you are looking for a cheaper method of testing soil on your farm, nothing can beat the testing kits. Here, the only cost that you will incur is for buying the kit. In most cases, the kit comes with all the components required to test the soil, from reaction capsules to test tubes.

Once you collect the soil sample, the kit allows you to test most parameters. You can check the levels of nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous and soil pH, among other chemical properties. All that you need to do is comparing the color changes with the color chart that came with the test kit.

You can Do as Many Tests as You Want

Although it is recommended that you do a soil test after every 3-5 years, running regular tests can be a good idea. Consider major soil testing after three years and using testing kits for regular checks. For example, you might want to check the fertility of the soil using a test kit before every planting session to ensure only the right fertilizer is used.

When to Work with a Third-Party Testing Lab

Although soil testing kits are convenient and affordable, they come with two disadvantages; you need to have some basic understanding of soil chemistry and they only give results in ranges. Therefore, they might not be the right idea when looking for a more detailed soil analysis report. The better option in such a situation would be using a third-party laboratory.

The organizations work with experts in soil science and will not only test your soil, but also advise you on the best fertility management strategy. They hold your hand to ensure the farming venture becomes more successful.

Soil testing kits should be part of the tools you use regularly in fertility management. They are convenient and very effective in helping you get a closer connection with your farm. So, you should not shy from using them. However, a lab with more advanced testing equipment and experts, such as Sante Laboratories, will be a better option when targeting more detailed soil analysis.

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