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Simple Green Living

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Save The Planet

Looking for some easy ways to save the planet? These 30 things that you can do to make a difference to your environment are easy and do-able for everyone.

Therefore this list of 30 ways to save the planet are some ideas for you to implement in your home so that you too can be a wiser steward with the earth and its resources. Before we launch into this list, may I take this opportunity to say that I believe in Creator God, a loving Father who appoints all things to happen in its time. But while we are here on earth we need to be stewards with what He has given us.

save the planet1. Switch off appliances on stand-bye.
2. Use energy efficient light-bulbs.
3. Do not waste water.
4. Put buckets out in the rain to gather water for your garden.
5. Grow your own food. Or get your gardener to if you don’t have the time.
6. Use electrical (no petrol) lawnmowers – better yet get a push-action mower.
7. Start a compost heap or wormery.
8. Stay away from fast foods.
9. Reuse plastics, metals, glass and paper, recycle what you cannot reuse!
10. Don’t use polystyrene and try not to use too much plastic.
11. Make use of E-cards for your friends instead of printing/buying them.
12. Refill your printers ink cartridges.
13. Give old clothes and shoes away.
14. Use the car ONLY when it’s too far to walk.
15. Wash your car yourself!
16. Take local holidays.
17. Only run a full dishwasher.
18. Buy a motorbike or scooter instead of a new car.
19. Try not to use pesticides.
20. Put an insulation blanket around your geyser.
21. Buy local organic foods if you don’t have your own veggie garden.
22. Ride a bicycle instead of your car whenever you can.
23. Cook from scratch whenever possible.
24. Convert to green household cleaners.
25. Make two vegetarian dinner meals per week.
26. Line dry your washing.
27. Buy second hand books.
28. Do you really need to up grade your cell phone every year?
29. Turn off the lights in the rooms in your house that haven’t got people in them.
30. Choose wooden toys for children rather than plastic.

You can download and save these tips in this handy pdf file and make copies or email it to friends. There are also some climate change facts on this document which do not appear on this webpage. Download 30 Ways to Save the Planet

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