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Save Money On Groceries

Learn how to save money on groceries as this is the largest area where you can practice frugality in your budget.

Here are some easy tips to save money on groceries in this hard economic climate where many people need to trim their budgets.

save money on groceries~Eat in and only go to restaurants when it is a very special occasion.

~If you work, bring your lunch from home.

~Do not buy bottled water. Instead buy a water bottle and fill it at home and again at work later.

~Shop with a list as this keeps you focused.

~If things you like that are expensive – find a recipe and learn to make them at home.

~Plastic bags and plastic wrap are a luxury when you can use your glass bowls and saucers to cover food in the fridge.

~There is no need to buy shampoo & conditioner either – take a look at this homemade hair cleaning option.

~Learn to make your own homemade cleaners for a few simple basics like bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

~Get out of the habit of buying processed foods, mixes and sauces in bottles. Everything that you see on the shelf that is made in a factory can be made at home and generally for less cost and better quality as well as being preservative free.

~Plan your meals around what you can buy in bulk, in season and locally each week.

~You can also plan you meals around grocery store specials.

~Make two meatless meals a week using legumes which are easy on the pocket and go a long way to satisfy. You can eventually add more and more meatless meals to your meal plan.

~Save money on groceries by eating before you go shopping which stops you overbuying because your stomach tells you to stock up.

~Encourage your children to drink water rather than juice and sodas.

Save money on groceries by not buying disposable items!

~Purchase a razor that only replaces the blades.~Get rid of disposable items on your shopping list – paper towel and serviettes can be replaced with cotton serviettes and old cut up towels.

~For feminine hygiene items consider the moon cup or cotton pads instead or disposable ones.

~The same goes for diapers. Clothe diapers are now so snug and tidy that they are easy to use and comfortable for baby.

~You can also make your own baby wipes for a fraction of the cost.

Save money on groceries by shopping with coupons

In our country coupons are not as widely used as in others but here is an excellent explanation how this one mom shops with coupons and shaves masses off her grocery bill each month:

“Couponing is one of those things you start with and the longer you do it the more you save money on groceries. I started doing it a year ago and it has built on itself. I now get about $150-200 in groceries weekly for $50. It is worth it! I too started with the Grocery Game. It is nearly all done for you there and you can pick your local grocery/drug stores to start with.

The basic premise for couponing that will save you the most is”

1. Stockpile things you use regularly when they are on sale rather than just buying when you need. When you start out your needs list will be great (because you are still shopping for things in the store rather your own pantry). This is ok… but use as much resources as you have to stockpile sale items (explained in point 2).

2. Always buy items when they are on sale and be willing to wait for things to go on sale. A little self-control today will save you later. I try to only buy when things are on sale and I have a coupon. Say your favourite ketchup brand is regularly $4.99 for a large container. You want to wait until it is Buy One Get one (BOGO) this makes it 50% off 2 for $4.99. Well say you have a coupon for $1.00 off that brand (use database to find where your favorite coupons will be found). I would use 2 of those $1.00 off coupons (Yes, you can do this with BOGO… one coupon per item). Now I have paid $2.99 for 2 or $1.49/ketchup rather than $4.99. Was it worth the wait? Get 4 of them and pay nearly what you would have paid for 1 and now you have a stockpile of your favourite ketchup.

3. Find out if your store doubles coupons or if they take competitor coupons. If you are a Publix shopper they take competitor and double (but not in Florida). This will multiply your saving too. Did you know you can use a manufacturer, Publix and competitor coupon on each item you purchase.

4. Buy at least 2 newspapers each week. Some people say that they only print off-line but I think it is better to both print and buy the paper… you have more coupons available to you to work with and this is helpful when you are stockpiling.

5. Only stockpile what you will use within the next 12 weeks. Most stores are on a 12 week cycle so (as in our example before) if you use lots of ketchup (like my family does) and use about 2 a month I would want to buy 6 ketchups when they go on sale.

You may be saying how do you figure all of this out. I use to find most of my lists and they have a great printing feature.”

And here is another frugal couponing idea which can help you save money on groceries:

“One thing that has really been saving me loads of money is coupons and stock-piling. Each Sunday, I buy 10 newspapers (yes, that seems like a lot, but with the money I save on grocery items, it is made up every week).

I visit 2 websites every day – The Krazy Coupon Lady and A Full Cup to see what’s new. These websites match up sales with coupons and list internet printable coupons that are available.

Each Sunday, I gather my local sales fliers and spend a little time looking through for things I need and make my list. This past week, I got $189 worth of groceries for $47. So, even though I spent $12 on newspapers, I saved $142 – just this week. Two weeks ago, I got 10 packs of napkins for free.

I try to only buy sale items that I have coupons for. The big thing is finding places to keep all of your stuff. I have 15 boxes of cereal on top of my fridge right now (I was able to get Rice Krispies and Chex for $1 a box, so I stocked up). By shopping this way, I always have food in the house and I have slashed my grocery spending more than 50%.”

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