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Potato rings with potatoes

Potato rings with potatoes

Potato rings with potatoes

Wood shavings on top of ring

Expected crop in a few weeks

Potatoes grown in a 80 litre tub

I was very disappointed on opening a big bag of soft cooking potatoes which I’ve purchased from the local SPAR, in Pinetown a few weeks ago. I’ve paid nearly R50 for this pocket and to return it would cost me even more for petrol, time etc. To try and recoup my losses, I’ve planted these green and sprouting potatoes in my potato rings, using the 17-year old vermi-compost which I’ve harvested recently.

Yesterday whilst buying some “chip” making potatoes which were of a super grade quality, costing only R5 per kilo loose, I’ve noticed that the loose selling, soft cooking potatoes were exactly the same bad quality which should be fed to pigs, was still selling at a high price to the public!

I’ve used the bottom part of my wormeries as the starter base on top of a lid with a big hole in it and a long handled jug to collect the worm-tea underneath it. This ring was placed on two jumbo concrete blocks, and all these items will give years of growing vegetables in, paying off the expense in a matter of months!

The ring was filled with this worm compost nearly to the top and seven potatoes were pushed into the soft soil, then covered with a thin layer of the same soil on top. A 2cm layer of wood shavings were then placed on top of each ring. After giving each potato ring a light soaking of water, the top lid with holes were placed on each potato ring to enable the sprouting potatoes to grow in this warm environment till leaves start to appear through the top soil.

The lid will then be removed and the worm-tea will be added over the top of the ring to feed the potato plants.
Inside the potato ring there are still big composting earthworms that will feed on the wood shavings thereby enriching the soil more.

I hope this experiment of mine will prove to be as successful as my strawberry bags too!

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Latest info on potato rings
by: Natalie Rowles

Dear Chrystal
Thanks for your comment. You are welcome to come and visit me and see the results here in Pinetown.

I’ve been away for two weeks and on my return the potatoes grew 40cm high above the first ring!.

They were placed inside a second ring and yesterday after only three days’ growth they are on the top ring, being 21 days from start of planting.

This will be their ultimate ring and now it’s a race to see which potato ring will deliver the quickest and the most potatoes in six weeks’ time when harvesting the top ring for baby potatoes!
Kind regards

Another Durbs Gardener
by: Crystal

Its so nice to see another veggie grower in Durban. I love your method of growing potatos. The tires never worked well for me and I have read a lot about leaching chemicals. I have them in the ground now but they take up an entire bed which is quite exposed to the elements. They suffered during the last storm we had. Would love to see you harvest when the time comes 🙂

Potatoes have grown out of sawdust
by: Natalie Rowles

I was so surprised when on lifting the lids off the potato rings, to find that every ring have new potato plants pushing through the sawdust! All the seven lids were removed and the new potatoes were well watered, and left to grow further in the warm sunshine. This spot against the darker brick wall is an ideal place to grow potatoes.

A few days ago we had over 60mm of rain over two days, with a short burst of small pea-size hail that caused hardly any damage here in Pinetown, but places like the Bluff suffered from flooding and bigger pieces of hail.
Here in Ashley, the western part of Pinetown, we usually get the tail-end of a hail storm, hardly never severe, so I must say we are so lucky indeed not to suffer like other areas.

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Updated: January 2, 2014 — 6:52 am

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