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Homemade Aphid Control

Homemade aphid control for a simple organic method of getting rid of these garden pests.

Recently I noticed that my lemon tree was showing signs of aphid infestation and I undertook this natural organic and homemade aphid control measure. The first thing to do is collect your coffee ground from your perculator machine or visit your local Seattle Coffee Co and ask them for a bucket of grounds.Ants and aphids are often seen together as ants “farm” aphids for their sticky fluid that they excrete. By controlling the ant population in your home you will be taking the first step towards controlling the aphids. The scientists call this a “mutalistic” relationship as the aphids benefit from the ants because they protect them from predators and parasites and move them around to plants where they can suck our the fluid from the host plant.

natural aphid controlThis picture shows the ants and the sticky white fluid under the leaf of the lemon tree. Before you can do anything in terms of a spray you need to wash off the aphids, ants and fluid with a very mild mixture of water and dishwashing detergent. So using a spray or squirt bottle filled with warm water and drop of detergent, squeeze the water onto each leaf while rubbing off the critters.

natural aphid controlThis may seem like a laborious process but it is worth the time spent doing it naturally and not using toxic garden sprays, particulalry those that are broad spectrum and kill the beneficial creatures along with the pests.

Once the washing is done, spray the tree with your hose pipe and fresh water at a high speed to wash off the detergent and any left over critters.

natural aphid controlNow, clear an area around the base of the plant and make a wide rim of coffee ground around the stem. This is a deterrent for the ants which will slow the reappearance of the aphids.

That’s it! A simple ecologically friendly aphid control method!


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Updated: November 13, 2013 — 3:29 pm

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