Simple Green Living

Simple Green Living

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Green Job – Work From Home!

Imagine a green job where you don’t have to leave your home…where you can write about something you love… where you can spend time with your family…don’t have to drum up customers or even drive a car and spew out Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere!

work at homeSo you aren’t qualified to be a nature conservationist, you don’t want to work for Green Peace, but you do want to make a difference!

How do I know this is a possibility? Because it’s a truth I live everyday and have for the last 5 years!

Here is the Ultimate Green Job for you!

Build a website about your passion, interest or hobby! Become an infopreneur!

Hang on…read a bit more before you say: “No! That’s not for me because I have no skill in HTML and building a website.”

Sitesell is for those who want to embrace a green job, but want to have some one with “know-how” to lead them through the process of building a profitable online business.

Can you travel with me on an imaginary dream green job?

Picture this…

Today you commute to work, you drive for a good chunk of time, or commute by train. You sit in a cubicle, office or shared work space. You look out of a window (if you are lucky to have one) at buildings and a grey polluted sky everyday.

You get home exhausted, the kids want some attention, your wife tries her best, but she’s tired too (maybe she also works away from home). You flop into bed and when that alarm rings in the morning it starts all over again!

Weekend comes around and maybe you head off into the woods for some green space to clear your head and spend time with loved one…but Monday looms grey and threatening!

Now compare this¦

You sign up with Sitesell and for the next 3 months you spend a couple of hours a week going through the comprehensive SBI Action Guide learning how to build a website about your favorite interest. (Oh, so you love ballroom dancing?)

After the first 3 months you are on your way to having a website that is drawing visitors as well as earning you a nice supplementary income. Each evening you come home excited to learn, to create and to become more self sufficient. You are no longer dependent on someone else to give you a monthly paycheck.

But the benefits don’t stop there…in a year you are home permanently. Hey, your wife has started a website too! You both walk your children to school each day and are both there in the afternoon to see them home. Your days start off with a cup of coffee (or Chai) at your desk in your work at home office.

You start a veggie garden because you have time in the evenings, you walk to the shops because you no longer need to rush everywhere….and best of all, your model of living becomes home based and sustainable!

Now isn’t that the dream green job?

How do I know this will work? Because it is a tried and tested system…I have 3 websites, my husband has one (Yes..he’s home with us!) and my teen daughter has her own too! We plan to help each of our 4 children, in time, to have profitable online businesses using Sitesell’s no flop recipe!

And the most fabulous thing about Sitesell …? Within this time of building a website, you will have learnt so many new skills in business, marketing, online selling and writing which are all enviable skills in this fast changing world! Plus you will have become part of the Sitesell E-community, which has to be a group of the most generous, big hearted and helpful bunch of people that I have ever met.

Don’t delay….investigate this ultimate green job more today!

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