Simple Green Living

Simple Green Living

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Frugal Family

{The mere mention of,Merely mentioning,The terms,In today’s world} ‘Green’, ‘Green Living’, {&,and} ‘Going Green’ {appear,seem,are deemed} to be {verging on,bordering on, on the verge of} overuse {nowadays,these days,currently}. There are {many,far too many,way too many} un-green {companies,businesses,industries} {climbing aboard,jumping on} the green {gravy-train,bandwagon,flagship} merely for {self-embellishment,the sake of increasing their own sales, self-gratifying purposes} plus plenty of green {newbies,novices,wannabes} who {believe,think} that {for as long,as long} as they use {recyclable packaging & bags,reusable bags} at the {local supermarket,local grocery store,grocery store,store} they are {way ahead,light years ahead,light years in front} of {the Joneses,their friends} {further down,down} the {road,street,avenue}.

{There are just so many interpretations,With so many definitions} of ‘green’, it {starts,begins} to make {Joe Public,the public,the public at large} {less sure,desensitized,unsure} to the {issues,plight,problems} of our {own planet,fair planet}. But {becoming,being} green is {urgently required,desperately needed}. If {we all,mankind} {carry on,continues} on {the same path,the identical path,the path} the last {half-century,generation,50 years} has created, we will seriously {jeopardize,compromise} the {future,future prospects for generations to come}. presents Our FAVORITE FRUGAL FAMILY FUN Activities Volume One: At Home! This ebook is courtesy of

Frugal Family Fun page 3 of 3 St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge The Visitor Center will give a great overview of the site and activi-

Promising to keep delivering “results that matter” for the people of the Worcester-Norfolk Senatorial District’s 14 towns, Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, will officially

Frugal Living The recent downturn in the economy has pro-duced a new need to look for smarter, cheaper ways CHEAP THRILLS—Free or Cheap Family Activities MORE SMART SHOPPING TIPS Make a budget. Consider your monthly income, and necessary bills. Make sure

family to become wealthy. Interestingly, most of the very wealthy families leave a major Some wealthy people are very frugal, even to the point of being penny pinchers. Popular writers often glorify this trait as the path to riches,

September Menu 2013 ©Tabitha Philen – Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 Salad, Sandwich, or

Need Help with Everyday Menu Planning? Feeding Your Family Has Never Been this Easy! Frugal Cooking & Money-Saving Tips

FRUGAL GIFTS FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS By Susan Vogt ©2009 In response to my quest for simple, creative, and inexpensive Christmas gifts, I received over 16

©2014 Frugal Homeschool Family 1 x10 _____ 1 ©2014 Frugal Homeschool Family 1 x12 _____ 2

Created Exclusively for Frugal Homeschool Family by The Multi Taskin’ Mom— Football Fun Pack Created by The Mutli Taskin Mom exclusively for Frugal Homeschool Family with graphics from http://

Find some frugal family fun ideas, a few crockpot recipes so dinner is ready when you come home from your fun excursions and more. Take a look at this week’s special offer as well. I just grabbed it this morning and am very impressed what

Need Help with Everyday Menu Planning? Feeding Your Family Has Never Been this Easy! Frugal Cooking & Money-Saving Tips

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